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For many people in Germany, real estate is still the most popular way to invest in old-age provision. Should you also have the desire to buy a property, we will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages.

In a personal discussion, we work with you to determine which financing volume is right for you and which other points should be considered in the planning process. Once you have made the decision for a specific property, we are able to choose the right financing for you from a variety of offers from numerous banks.

We accompany you from the first conversation to the payment of the last installment and are at your side during this time with advice and action.

You can also take advantage of our advice when extending your financing (so-called prolongation). As a result, we can often shorten the remaining term of your financing or lower your monthly rate.


We offer our real estate financing advice on a fee basis. This consists of various modules, which you can choose individually:


Module 1: Explanatory talk

We will discuss the forthcoming construction project with you and analyze whether it can be realistically presented. We explain all the important technical terms, design options and the financing process. Furthermore, we go into possible risks of your financing.

Costs: €300.00 plus VAT.


Module 2: Document package

We create a neutral self-disclosure that you can use for discussions with the banks. In addition, we organize all the necessary documents with you so that you are optimally prepared for the discussion with the banks and do not lose any time.

Costs: €150.00 plus VAT.


Module 3: Market Overview

We give you an overview of which banks are particularly interesting for your financing project and what interest rates can be expected. With this information you can enter into negotiations with the banks and have a significantly better negotiating position thanks to the market overview. On request, you can get an overview of the contact details of the relevant banks.

Prerequisite for this module is the booking of module 2.

Costs: €50.00 plus VAT.


Module 4: Offer review

After you have received the offer(s) from the banks, we will check the content, make suggestions for improvement and explain the advantages and disadvantages to you. In this way we make the offers comparable for you and make your decision easier.

Costs: €100.00 per bank plus VAT.


Module 5: Checking the credit agreement

After you have received the bank’s approval and thus the mortgage agreement, we will check it, explain terms and clauses for better understanding and answer your questions.

Costs: €100.00 plus VAT.


Please note that communication with the banks in the offer, application and financing process is not part of our service.

Prolognation at a glance

Our advice does not end with the conclusion of the real estate financing. We are still there for you afterwards, e.g. if you need additional financing.


Module 6: Renewal Service

Before the fixed-interest period of your existing loan expires, we will remind you of the necessary extension and examine options for you to secure a favorable interest rate on the mortgage at an early stage. For this purpose, you provide us with the loan agreements as a file.

Cost: none


Of course, we also keep an eye on the statutory right of termination 10 years after the conclusion of the contract. With this you can get out of expensive financing for a long time after the fixed interest rate has expired. Even if you did not complete your financing through us, you can receive this service from us free of charge.

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