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For many people in Germany, real estate is still the most popular way to invest in old-age provision. Should you also have the desire to buy a property, we will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages.

In a personal discussion, we work with you to determine which financing volume is right for you and which other points should be considered in the planning process. Once you have made the decision for a specific property, we are able to choose the right financing for you from a variety of offers from numerous banks.

We accompany you from the first conversation to the payment of the last installment and are at your side during this time with advice and action.

You can also take advantage of our advice when extending your financing (so-called prolongation). As a result, we can often shorten the remaining term of your financing or lower your monthly rate.


In a first conversation, you inform us about your planned financing project. We then record the data. If desired, this can be done easily by phone or Skype, so you don’t waste time. We will quickly give you an initial overview of the market and assess its feasibility. We also provide you with an overview of the necessary documents, which you can easily send to us by email or WhatsApp.

If the documents are complete, we start negotiations with the banks in question. We work with major banks, internet banks and regional providers such as savings banks and Volksbanks throughout Germany.

You will receive an overview of the best offers from us, including a comparison of interest rates, installments, terms and important features such as fixed interest rates, special repayment rights and repayment rate changes. If you have chosen a bank, we will prepare all the documents for the application and, if you wish, we will also accompany you to the final bank appointment.

Your advantages:

  • No additional costs for our service. We are paid by the banks.
  • No annoying bank appointments and negotiations. We communicate with the banks and answer all questions.
  • Significant time savings that give you an advantage over other prospective buyers.

Prolognation at a glance

Our advice does not end with the completion of the construction financing. We are still there for you afterwards, e.g. if you need refinancing.

After the fixed interest period has expired, we also support you with the prolongation. We will approach you early and without being asked to secure the optimal interest rate for your follow-up financing. We also take forward loans into account, which you can use to secure your follow-up financing up to 5 years before the end of the fixed interest period.

Of course, we also have the statutory right of termination in mind 10 years after the contract was signed. With this you can also get out of expensive financing for a long time to expire the fixed interest rate. Even if you have not completed your financing through us, you can still get this service from us free of charge.

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